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Two factors that help create success for organizations like THE GERMAN AMERICAN CLUB are: 

  • A facility to call “home” and
  • Diverse activities to attract and retain members.

Our members are also full members of the Cetronia Fire Company No. 1 Social Hall while we still retain our separate identity as German-American members as well.  Cetronia Social Hall, located at 18 S. Scenic Street, Allentown, includes a bar, a kitchen, a dining area that accommodates about 40 people and a social hall that holds slightly more than 100.  

As members of both clubs we have a unique opportunity to offer our traditional activities to a larger membership and to continue our German American cultural traditions.  Monthly/quarterly dinners, Fasching/Karneval/Mardi Gras, Biergarten, Oktoberfest and Christmas celebrations and others come to mind.  We sponsor a soccer team involved in the annual Canadian American Soccer Tournament (next year it’s our turn to host on the weekend prior to Memorial Day).  
As someone interested in our Club, as evidenced by your email subscription, we encourage you to consider membership in both clubs.  Click here for more information.