New Member Processing

Members of the German American Club also participate as members of the Centronia Fire Company No. 1.  Consequently, when you join the German American Club we ask that you also become a member of Cetronia. 

Member dues for each organization covering the period January through December are:

  • German American Club $10 per person per year,
  • Cetronia Fire Company No. 1 $20 per person, first year; $15 for each year thereafter

Joining for the first time is multi-step, but relatively simple process:

  • Fee: If joining separately, the combined first year fee is $30.  The GAC offers an initial annual fee of $25, payable by check or credit card on this site, which provides membership in each club.
  • Site Membership: The first step is to complete registration and membership process, including payment on this site.
  • Cetronia Application: First time Cetronia members must complete a Cetronia Membership Application.  The GAC Financial Secretary will mail an application to you and,if included your spouse, once you have completed the site registration process.
  • Return the Application: Please complete the relevant information and return the form(s) to the German American Club, PO Box 382, East Texas, PA 18046..  One of our existing Cetronia members will complete the "Proposed by" line and submit the application.
  • Application Submission: The GAC Financial Secretory will turn in the application and payment for processing by Cetronia.
  • Application Approval: Once approved, Cetronia provides a key card for member identification and entrance.  New key cards are mailed to a new member.  Renewal key cards are available at the bar during the November-December time period.

Click on the link to the right to start the process: Website Registration

Cetronia Guest Policy

The Cetronia Social Hall has a members area requiring a key card to gain entrance and a public area.  Guests are allowed three visits to the members area provided they are accompanied by a member and the member records the visit of each member on the Guest Sign Up form.  After three visits a guest must become a member of Cetronia.